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Safeguard Your Family

At Certified Auto Glass, LLC, we know there’s really no good time to discover you have a cracked or broken windshield. While it may look bad, it can also make driving your vehicle risky by disrupting your view and rendering the glass unstable. After all, your vehicle’s windshield plays a critical structural role in keeping passengers safe. If a chip or crack is 6 inches or smaller, we may be able to repair it, but occasionally windshield replacement is the only option.

Restore Safety to Your Vehicle

Cracked or broken windshields are no less deserving of attention than flat tires, failing brakes or burned out headlights. Addressing the issue right away will keep you, your family and other drivers safe on the road.

We’ll Come to You

If you’re unable to bring your vehicle into our shop, the friendly professionals at Certified Auto Glass will come to you, wherever you happen to be, and repair or replace your windshield using the right tools and equipment and the highest quality materials. We’ll assist you with the setup of your insurance claim and clean up the mess before we leave.

Bored teenagers with no respect for property value broke out the back window of my car (and the windows of about 30 other people who live in my neighborhood). I called several places for quotes and not only was Certified Auto Glass the best priced, they got me in SUPER QUICK. My window looks like brand-new and I was without my car for less than 24 hours. Awesome experience.

Jenny Elizabeth

Certified Auto Glass is my go-to chip repair & windshield replacement shop. I recommend certified to all of my insurance clients. They go out of their way to make the inconvenience of a rock chip or a cracked windshield a simple and easy fix so you can get back on the road.
Joey Larsen

Blemished windshields for less

We carry BLEMISHED WINDSHIELDS -which are brand new windshields that are slightly flawed. Our blemished windshields fit many makes and models. These windshields are priced at a huge discount with full warranty for only $145 + tax. Installation is included!

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Contact Certified Auto Glass, LLC for the very best in windshield repairs and replacements. We are family owned and locally based, licensed and insured, and perform all windshield repairs and replacements to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We welcome appointments, provide upfront estimates, and we offer local mobile service in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area.

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